Though banana tech, rocker, reverse camber and anti-camber (by the way, all refer to the same tech) existed prior to the “Age of Fruity Enlightenment.”, we can all thank Lib Tech for flooding the banana into their snowboard lineup and having other companies follow suit.

So really, what are the benefits of riding a rocker board? Here are a few.

One. No more catching edges like crazy! The rocker moves the contact points of your board closer to your feet, giving you better control and a more maneuverable snowboard.

Two. Float better in the powder. No more leaning back to get that tip up, as with the rocker it will already be elevated. You’re able to keep a more balanced stance, again giving you more control.

Three. Park riding is easier. Your pre-pressed board will love those boxes and rails. Initiate spins better and even recover a little easier from off-axis landings.

The best part about rocker is that anyone and everyone can ride them. Whether it’s your first day out or your 500th, everyone can benefit from the rocker tech. Keep in mind that there are different types of rocker, so check out a shop near you to make sure you find the one that fits your riding style the best. Happy shredding!


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