October, 2009

A Weekend to Remember

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Looks like the early season wish will come true. Thanks to the cold temps up there the past few days, Mountain High will open this weekend with, one, possibly two lifts servicing 4 runs. The runs will consist of mainly beginner to intermediate level riding, with 6-10 terrain features available for you box and rail junkies. Though the temps may run a little warm, Mt. High will continue to blow snow every minute possible, so cover your face to avoid getting hit by the ice particles. For more details on available services and early season ticket pricing, head over to www.mthigh.com.

what a beautiful sight

what a beautiful sight

For those of you not heading up to the slopes, don’t forget about Ski Dazzle. Hitting the LA Convention Center this weekend, SD provides brand name gear at up to 70% off. Go early for the best selection. Don’t forget to swing by the Bear booth for your free lift ticket. Get your tickets and more info at www.skidazzle.com.

Shop Talk at PF-Dakine gloves

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Let’s start small, with something that everyone needs, gloves. Dakine gloves to be exact. If you’re looking for quality gloves at a quality price, look no further than Dakine. Let’s take a look at a few. The Viper. An awesome lightweight glove, perfect for pipe riding, local day riding, or even those chilly days in the mountain when you’d prefer to not lose feeling in your hands. Want something a little warmer but not too heavy? Then take a gander at the Bronco. This glove offers just a bit more insulation as well as Gore-Tex coating. For you all- mountain riders out there, the Scout is the glove for you. With it’s full length over-the-cuff gauntlet, snow would have to be pretty sneaky to get into this glove. It also comes with a removable liner for the those warmer days on the hill. Just be sure to take ’em out and give them a wash every once in awhile. Our final stop will be at the Element glove. Similar in construction to the Scout, the inner liner on this glove doubles as a pipe glove, for you go-anywhere, do-anything riders. Don’t forget that most Dakine gloves also have the nose wipe feature. No need for Kleenex or hankies here. Just wash them at the end of the day, because dry, crusted snot on your gloves is just plain nasty.

Dakine ViperDakine BroncoDakine ScoutDakine Element

Ski Dazzle

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Enough with the movies, give us some product! Well, here it is. Ski Dazzle,  the nations largest ski and snowboard expo is just one week away! Hitting the Los Angeles Convention Center from Oct. 29-Nov. 1, Ski Dazzle celebrates their 46th anniversary with 375 exhibitor and sponsor booths. Enjoy up to 70% off of name brand gear. Also get a free Bear Mountain/Snow Summit lift ticket with adult admission. Check out www.skidazzle.com for more details and info or to purchase your tickets for the event. Be sure to check out the special online offer for Mammoth Mountain. fullbanner

Mountain High syncs with iPhone

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Hey iPhone users!! Check out the new Mountain High App, on sale beginning Nov. 15th. The app gives you access to current snow conditions, trail openings, and ticket prices. Use the app to plan your vacation also, with info on lodging, weather, and lessons. One other cool feature of the app allows users to actually purchase tickets right from their phones. John McColly, Director of Marketing, says Skiers and snowboarders are savvy and like being on the cutting edge of things. With our new application, their phones become the ultimate tool for navigating the mountain, booking the best ticket price, or finding the perfect powder stash. We think snowboarders just want some fresh pow pow, but hey, an app that helps you find all that can’t be so bad.

Mountain High, there's an app for that

Mountain High, there's an app for that

Louie and the Tango

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Anyone catch Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower on Dancing with the Stars? The judges gave L and C a score of 22 for their Argentine Tango. They need your votes to stay in it. Tyler says vote for Louie just to see his dance partner again. Plus the fact that Louie definitely killed the fake sideburns during the Hustle. Vote for Louie 1-800-868-3406!

Who wouldn't want to see this pair again?

Who wouldn't want to see this pair again?


Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Mammoth is giving away free lift tickets to anyone who shows up on opening day this Friday!  The snow has been dumping up there and they are trying to start the season off right.  All you gotta do is show up and they will be handing them out to EVERYONE!!!  Show up early, get fresh POW tracks, and let us know how it goes!! more at http://twitter.com/mammothmountain

Snow at Mammoth! Yes, you are reading correctly, can you believe that it’s snowing, I mean really snowing, one month before Mammoth’s projected opening day?! Unreal. Mammoth received 14 inches of snow in just this past day, with another 2 feet expected to blanket the mountain overnight. Keep your weekend plans open because Mammoth IS opening this weekend.  The big Woolly is coming out to play!

shredding some pow between shifts

shredding some pow between shifts

Snowmaking Begins!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Thanks to the cold temperatures, Mountain High was able to begin their snowmaking yesterday. This is the earliest snowmaking has commenced in at least the past 10 years. Keep your fingers crossed that the cold weather will continue. Perhaps we’ll be snowboarding on Halloween? I’ve done it once before, during the last El Nino.

At least it's deep enough for snow angels

At least it's deep enough for snow angels