Buy a boot, be the brand

With all those boot buying basics out of the way, let’s talk shop, real shop. Brands.

Let’s start with Thirty-Two’s. Generally a great boot for those of you with a wider foot. They boast the lightest boot on the market, and even their low end stuff is light weight. You’ll find these boots a bit more airy, meaning there’s more space inside, which is great if you need it, and not so great if you’ve got a relatively small boot. Personally, I find that their heelcups don’t grab my heel as tightly as they should, but try them on, feel for yourself. Your heel is probably shaped differently than mine. One awesome feature of the 32 boots is they are heat-moldable. No more walking around the house or breaking your boots in on the mountain. Take em to a shop that can heat mold your liners and 30 minutes later you’re ready to ride.

Speaking of heels. That’s something I forgot to mention in the basics. You will probably get a bit of heel lift in every boot, that’s just the nature of shoes and trying to makes boots that fit everyone of every size. With that said, you want as little heel lift as possible. If you have heel lift 1.5 inches or more, check out a different boot. The less heel lift the more responsive the boot, you won’t have to lean so far forward to turn toeside.

Burton boots. They boast the speed zone lacing. A quick pull to either side and your lower and upper zone laces are tightened down and ready to go. Burton’s fit a pretty medium foot, average width, but not too bulky, which is nice. They’ve definitely slimmed down their profile in the past few years making their boots more compatible with other bindings.

Vans and DC. Can’t go wrong with boots made by skate companies who’ve made a living selling shoes. Both of these companies did an excellent job of bringing their skate style to snow. Vans are a little more high volume without adding too much weight. DC’s run about a half size small, a good thing to remember when ordering online.

Salomon. Honestly, probably the leader when it comes to boot fit. The most true to size boot company with a low profile will fit into any binding with ease. They do slightly cater to a narrower foot, but it’s surprising at how much space is inside. With the pull lace lock system, getting in and out is a breeze.


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