Fresh Pow! and road closures :(

As most, if not all of you know, our local mountains (Bear Mountain and Mt. High) were graced with a dumping of fresh pow last week. I hear this is the first of three MAJOR storms to hit us this year. Hopefully this means that our season will continue well through April. If you haven’t been up yet to enjoy the fresh snow, head on up soon. Even if you just want to sled down some random spot next to the road, there are plenty of areas to do that.

What I don’t understand, though, is why after 4 clear and sunny days, the roads into Big Bear are finally open to everyone. Yup, they opened today and what happened? It snowed, again. Barely, but still. How much business did Bear/Summit lose with the road closure? A LOT. I myself chose the easier, clear, chain-less route of heading up to Mt. High yesterday. As did most of the people up there, I’m guessing. Why deal with a “one way in, one way out, go 35mph the whole way up”, when you don’t have to? I don’t claim to be any kind of road clearing expert, but I don’t think it should take four days to clear 5 feet of snow. What do you think? Bring in some more snowplows and shovels. Clear those roads so that when we get fresh pow we can actually enjoy it!!!

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