Wax on, wax off

Necessity number 57. Wax, on the bottom of the board. (You’d be surprised at how many people ask me if ski/snowboard wax is applied the same way as surf wax, on top.) Most common questions are what type of wax and often do you need to apply it?

The type of wax you use and the snow conditions will determine the how.

Liquid. No mess, no time, ready to ride. The best, most popular liquid wax is Zardoz. A pure liquid teflon from Dupont. This is the fastest and easiest way to wax your board. Apply a few drops to the application puck, let it sit for a minute to dry, and head on up. While it is one of the fastest waxes out there, on wetter snow it has a tendency to rub off quicker, so reapply at lunch for the best results. With Zardoz, or anything other liquid wax, you’ll want to apply every day you go out.

Paste/rub on wax. Little mess, little time, better protection. Still a very easy way to apply wax. Take a rag, an old sock, or the applicator pad some waxes provide and rub the wax onto the base of the board. Just try your best to apply it evenly along the base to ensure a smooth ride down the hill. My recommendation is to apply the night before to allow the wax to harden overnight. This will provide better protection for your board should you hit any rocks or pine cones. As with liquid wax, I would apply paste wax every day of riding. As it is softer, it will rub off after a long day of riding.

Hot/hard wax. More mess, more time, best protection. While this is the most time consuming and tool wielding way of waxing, nothing beats a good hot wax. Nothing like melting, ironing, scraping, and buffing wax to get you more psyched for the next day’s riding. Just be sure to take this wax job to the garage or lay down a tarp. Leftover wax shavings on the carpet are no fun. This will provide the best protection for the base of your board and will last 2-3 days depending on how light or wet the snow is.

However you choose to wax your board, just remember to do it or get it done. Your ride will be smoother, you’ll glide a lot easier, and you will finally be able to keep up with your buddy who’s bombing it down the hill.


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