Brain buckets

We discussed the helmet law earlier this season and it not being passed (don’t worry it probably will next year, so be ready young ones.) How about we go through fitting a helmet and some different features.

Here’s the great part, every helmet does the same thing, protects your head. Much like boots, fit is key. It doesn’t matter what cool features a helmet has or what color it is; too big it’ll fly off your head, anyway; too small and you’ll have a headache before you even take your first lift up.

As an initial fit, you definitely want a little bit of space in your helmet, just in case it’s cold and you’ve got to throw a skull cap or balaclava on underneath. For kids especially, give em a bit of extra space. A good sign is if you can shake your head pretty hard without the helmet falling over your eyes and obstructing your vision, again, a little space is ideal, but you don’t want it slipping and sliding around either. Use the chin strap. A snug chin strap will help keep the helmet secure to your head. Beware of getting a helmet that’s too small, unless you’re looking for a pounding headache. You don’t want it to feel like a suction cup on your head.

How about a few features? Nowadays removable ear flaps are pretty much standard, giving you the option to take em off on a warm day (there are plenty of those down here). Many helmets also offer a built in size/fit adjustment, which actually allows you to customize the size of your helmet with a quick spin(because every medium size head isn’t exactly the same size).

Ventilation is key also. Some helmets have vents that you just slide open/closed, others have rubber plugs that you poke out, and then there are those vents that always remain open. Meshed vents are great at letting air in/out while keeping the snow out on those big (or little) spills you take.

As an added technical bonus, audio. Some helmets already come with built in speakers, other you have to buy kits for. Just remember, while it’s fun to rock out to tunes while you shred, you still should be able to hear the people around you.

Wanna shred? Protect your head. Your braincells will thank you. And so will snow patrol.

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