Todd Richards’ “Me, Myself, and I”

PF Crew with Todd RichardsTodd Richards’ “Me, Myself, and I” proved to be a star studded event with team riders from just about everywhere showing up to support one of the most decorated, dedicated, and progressive riders in the history of snowboarding. Based off his biography, P3, the movie encapsulated who TR is as a person and a rider. With guest speakers, Tony Hawk, Pat Bridges, his wife, Lindsy, and mother, viewers catch a glimpse of Todd’s life growing up on the East Coast and his success and impact as a snowboarder then and now. In his latest Todcast, TR says “If you don’t know who Travis Rice is, well, basically you live under a bed.” I say, if you don’t know who Todd Richards is, you live under a rock; a large rock, with worms, ants, and grubs. Take the time to look up Todd Richards. We, as snowboarders, owe a lot to him. Thanks Todd.

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