Mammoth is giving away free lift tickets to anyone who shows up on opening day this Friday!  The snow has been dumping up there and they are trying to start the season off right.  All you gotta do is show up and they will be handing them out to EVERYONE!!!  Show up early, get fresh POW tracks, and let us know how it goes!! more at

Snow at Mammoth! Yes, you are reading correctly, can you believe that it’s snowing, I mean really snowing, one month before Mammoth’s projected opening day?! Unreal. Mammoth received 14 inches of snow in just this past day, with another 2 feet expected to blanket the mountain overnight. Keep your weekend plans open because Mammoth IS opening this weekend.  The big Woolly is coming out to play!

shredding some pow between shifts

shredding some pow between shifts


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