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Let’s start small, with something that everyone needs, gloves. Dakine gloves to be exact. If you’re looking for quality gloves at a quality price, look no further than Dakine. Let’s take a look at a few. The Viper. An awesome lightweight glove, perfect for pipe riding, local day riding, or even those chilly days in the mountain when you’d prefer to not lose feeling in your hands. Want something a little warmer but not too heavy? Then take a gander at the Bronco. This glove offers just a bit more insulation as well as Gore-Tex coating. For you all- mountain riders out there, the Scout is the glove for you. With it’s full length over-the-cuff gauntlet, snow would have to be pretty sneaky to get into this glove. It also comes with a removable liner for the those warmer days on the hill. Just be sure to take ’em out and give them a wash every once in awhile. Our final stop will be at the Element glove. Similar in construction to the Scout, the inner liner on this glove doubles as a pipe glove, for you go-anywhere, do-anything riders. Don’t forget that most Dakine gloves also have the nose wipe feature. No need for Kleenex or hankies here. Just wash them at the end of the day, because dry, crusted snot on your gloves is just plain nasty.

Dakine ViperDakine BroncoDakine ScoutDakine Element

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